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Nvidia Quadro FX 3700M and Fedora 10

Hi All;

I've installed Fedora 10 on a new laptop with an Nvidia Quadro FX 3700M 
graphics card.  The card will do 1920x1200 resolution however the kmod-nvidia 
driver from rpmfusion doesnt work properly (at least I suspect the 
kmod-nvidia driver to be the issue - however I could be wrong)

Once installed all the queries I can run such as xrand and nvidia-settings 
specify that I'm running at 1920x1200 however I know that's not true - I 
recently had CentOS installed and it (without the kmod-nvidia driver) gave me 
true 1920x1200 and the difference is huge.

So, my hunch is that I'm slightly ahead of the curve per hardware and soon 
enough a driver that works with my video card will come along.  Meanwhile 
I've poked around at the nvidia site for linux drivers and I find that there 
is support for the FX 3700, but not the FX 3700M.

Does anyone know what the difference might be between the FX 3700 and the FX 
3700 M (Mobile)? I wonder if it would be wise to download and install the FX 
3700 driver and see if it works ?

Thoughts ?

Thanks in advance

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