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Re: SELinux alert when running yum update

Colin Paul Adams wrote:
"Thomas" == Thomas Cameron <thomas cameron camerontech com> writes:

    Thomas> Then try again by opening your browser and going to a page
    Thomas> that caused errors before.  If it still doesn't work you
>> >> I don't know of a page that caused errors before.

    Thomas> Eh?  What were you doing when you got the SELinux denial
    Thomas> before?  Can you do it again?

I don't know what I was doing at the time. I certainly wasn't having
any trouble with FireFox.

    Thomas> Did you look at the npviewer.te file?  Is there anything
    Thomas> in it?

There is no such file on my system (according to the locate command).

OK, I'm reading your initial post - you got an SELinux alert about npviewer.bin, right? See this message:


npviewer.bin is a Firefox plugin for Adobe Flash. So I talked about how to set a policy to allow npviewer.bin to run. Specifically I said to run this command:

grep npviewer.bin /var/log/audit/audit.log | audit2allow -a -M npviewer

Then I said to check the contents of npviewer.te.  See this post:


Apparently you did not check for that file.

Additionally, what you describe in the subject vs. what you are seeing in audit.log doesn't match. The output from sealert clearly describes a problem with npviewer.bin, the Adobe plugin.

Why don't you go back over your audit.log and find the actual problem you are having and then re-post, I'd be glad to help out if I can.


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