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Re: Firefox opening broken links when clicking on a link in Thunderbird

Jim wrote:
Thomas Cameron wrote:
All -

I'm running F10 x86_64, up to date as of today. My home directory is on NFS, and my .mozilla directory is the same one I've used on RHEL 5 and F9.

When I click on a URL in an e-mail message in Thunderbird, it opens wrong. For instance, I get an e-mail with the link http://www.yearone.com/images/email/c146/turkeydayemail.html and I click on it. Firefox opens up file:///images/email/c146/turkeydayemail.html and throws a File Not Found error. It seems that the web site is being trimmed for some reason.

Anyone seen this before?  Know how to fix it?

Yes in i386 also.
Some websites like linuxtoday.com an lxer.com comes back with Server can't be found.
I can connect to yahoo.com, redhat.com.
If I goto to my FC8 box I have no problems of connecting to all websites.
I have read on Google Search that probly having problems with IPV6 .
There is a Bug report at bugziila.redhat.com.

It's definitely not ipv6, I have it disabled on this system.

What is the BZ number?


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