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Re: Mixer settings get overridden after start of the X-server

On Tuesday 02 December 2008 19:20, Klaus-Peter Schrage wrote:
> This is a behavior (bug?) I had observed since F9, so I hoped it would
> be cured in F10, but alas ...
> Whenever the X-server starts, the mixer settings of my audio system
> (kmix, alsamixer) get lost to some rather useless defaults, e. g. I have
> to manually unmute the right playback channel.
> I have found out that the settings are restored correctly at system
> start: when I boot into runlevel 3, alsamixer shows any settings that I
> had made before. The calamity seems to happen when X and/or KDE come up.
> My sound card is an old but rather complex one (Terratec DMX6Fire 24/96)
> which has been well supported by the ALSA-drivers for years now.
> Thanks in advance for any pointers
> Klaus

Hi Klaus.

Just a thought. When booting up alsactrl restore is run, and restores the 
alsamixer settings to what they were when you last shutdown. Now when you 
login to KDE, Kmix can mess with these settings.

have a look in Kmix, Settings, configure Kmix, and uncheck the box "Restore 
volumes on login", if that is checked. I have found that to be a problem with 
restoring the sound settings correctly with many Fedora versions when using 

Just a thought.


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