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Re: FC10 - What has replaced /etc/sysconfig/hwconf

Rick Stevens wrote:
Robert Moskowitz wrote:
I am coming from Centos 5.2 (got over a dozen systems here running it). This is my first Fedora Core install and I went right for Fedora Core 10, as I need the 2.6.27 kernel.

So I am looking for the /etc/sysconfig/hwconf file that lists all the installed hardware, particularly things like the video card. There does not seem to be any hwconf file anywhere on the system. So what do I look for....

/etc/sysconfig/hwconf is created and maintained by "kudzu". By default,
kudzu isn't installed in F9 or F10. You can "yum install kudzu" to
install it, then "kudzu -q" to build your file.

Ah, no kudzu. I am so use to it always being there. Why would I not want it? That is to leave it alone with no kudzu...

Under F9/F10, I prefer to use "smoltSendProfile -p" to get a printout
of the hardware. Redirect its output to a file for a permanent record.
YMMV, of course.

Wow that is a lot of information....

Interestingly it shows the bogomips to be 2992 on this OQO mod 2, whereas /proc/cpuinfo reports it as 800. The processor is a VIA C7-M Processor 1500MHz, so I am more apt to believe the 800 value.

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