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Re: FC11: Two Suggestions

> 1. I don't want to start a KDE food fight. I suspect that
> it's a generational thing. In any event, I would think that
> enough interest exists in the 3.5x "branch" to reconsider
> including it on the install media. How many people are
> installing "Sugar?"

I have personally installed Sugar to play with it and I find it very
amusing and nice.  Plus, I get to report bugs once in a while if
I find any.

> Again, I am not knocking KDE4. However, it is a radical
> departure from something that I have been using since RH-9,
> possibly earlier.

Ummm...to me, KDE 4.1 seems quite stable at this point, and
has most of the features an average user would need.  That's just
what I think though.

> 2. The release notes: "This is to support gdm no longer
> allowing the root user to log in to the graphical desktop."
> While this is consistent with best practices and can be
> changed by editing the file in pam.d, it just seems to me
> that Fedora should not be making this decision for users.
> Particularly on the first boot into a new system, some find
> it very advantageous to log in as root. It's really up to
> the end user to determine their threshold for risk
> tolerance.

I would have to agree with that!


Past is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
But today is a gift.
That's why it's called, present.

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