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Re: Revisor

Martin Schiøtz wrote:

Does somebody know what's going with the revisor project?

The mailing list revisor-users fedoraunity org does not seem to work.
When I try to post to the list i get an error message from the list
server. All posts on the revisor-users and revisor-devel stopped at
the 14th of october?

I have been trying to build CentOS and Fedora on Fedora 9 and 10 with
revisor for some time now with no succes at all. I have been trying
different versions of revisor and different kinds builds (with CentOS
and Fedora) on both Fedora 9 and 10. The result is alway some kind of
error doing the beginning of the install process of the builded CD or
DVD images.
Has anybody have any succes building images with revisor lately?

Best regards,

Same issues here:

Fortunately, the livecdtools are up to date, and the kickstarts are in their own package now (spin-kickstarts).

I was able to customize a released kickstart file to my old specifications and ended up with a customized live DVD that is installable and installs my customizations as well.

Cool stuff, and kudos to the team for keeping up.

here is how I used it:

sudo livecd-creator --cache=/src/yum-cache --config=dev-10-x86_64 --fslabel=Fedora_Developer

where dev-10-x86_64 is my highly customized kickstart.

by using a specific cache directory I didn't have to re-download all 1800 packages every time I tested changes to the kickstart scripts -- and it took me a few times! :)

Good luck!

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