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Re: SANE can't find device if used through VNC - F9

> redhatdude bellsouth net wrote:
> >>> Hello,
>> I got a F9 machine that I access through VNC. If I'm at the machine, I can 
> open 
>> SANE and scan without any problems. If I, however, do this remotely through 
> VNC, 
> >>> SANE cannot find my HP scanner. 
>> I tried the same using X11 from a Mac and it didn't work either. However, if 
> I 
> >>> login as root and launch SANE, it works, if finds the scanner and scans.
> >>> Any idea how to solve this issue?
> >>> Thanks,
> >>> EJ
> >> Anybody? I'm still searching for an answer on this issue. Still unresolved.
> >> EJ
> >>
> > 
> > No suggestions?
> When going in remotely, are you logging in as root or as a "normal"
> user?  That may have something to do with it.  In the past, some SANE
> backends didn't run if you weren't root.  I thought that was fixed, but
> it's a possibility.
> I have a Canon LIDE at home and it works fine as me or as root.

When I log in as a normal user I can't use the scanner, SANE won't find it. If I log in as root, yes, SANE finds the scanner and allows me to scan. However, I don't want to give root access to people who want to scan.

> This is probably ConsoleKit/PolicyKit in action. When you log in sat
> at the machine, you're a console user with physical access to the
> machine, and so you get permissions to access the hardware. When
> logging in remotely the permissions don't get set to allow you to
> access connected hardware. I suggest having a read about
> ConsoleKit/PolicyKit and working out what policy you need to change to
> get the permissions you want when logging in via VNC.
> Jonathan.

I'm lost there Jonathan. Where do I start?

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