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F10 wireless question

When using wireless on F10 I haven't yet figured out a couple of useful

1. the very first time I got a wireless connection I stumbled over
an app that shows a bar graph of signal strengths for all the wireless
APs in reception range. I can't figure out where or how I found it,
and I've looked at every network-related item I can find on the menus.
Where is it hiding?

2. This may be the same issue: I can't figure out how to select, on
the fly, which wireless AP I want to connect to. The only way I've found
to switch from one to another (when both are in range) is to edit the
connection settings to disable the one that's currently up and enable
the one I want to switch to, then log off and back on. There must be
a better way.

Thanks in advance!

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