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Re: Cisco VPN via vpnc - config issues

On Tue, Dec 02, 2008 at 08:14:06PM -0700, Kevin Kempter wrote:
> Hi all ;
> I've installed vpnc on Fedora 10
> I have a cisco connection on a mac that works fine.
> I've tried to re-create in a vpnc config file like this (I replaced the values 
> for security):
> IPSec gateway
> IPSec ID custname
> IKE Authmode psk
> IPSec secret psk_secret
> # your username goes here:
> Xauth username assigned_username
> I always get this response:
> Enter password for assigned_username 1 2 3 4:
> vpnc: no response from target
> Can anyone help me debug this ?

If you have a Cisco .PCF file for this connection, you can convert it
into a vpnc configuration file with the "pcf2vpnc" utility that is part
of the vpnc distribution.

I don't know if pcf2vpnc is part of the vpnc rpm that comes with F10 or
not, though I suspect it may not be. But I got the impression from your
posting that you had built vpnc from source yourself??? if so, you should
have that tool.

If that doesn't help you, you may want to look into firewall rules that
may be blocking the vpn, etc.

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