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Re: FC11: Two Suggestions

homburg tips-Q com wrote:
1. I don't want to start a KDE food fight. I suspect that
it's a generational thing. In any event, I would think that
enough interest exists in the 3.5x "branch" to reconsider
including it on the install media. How many people are
installing "Sugar?"

FYI, the largest deployment of Fedora (several hundreds of thousands of new users every month), is via OLPC and they use Sugar by default. At any rate, any free and open source without legal encumbrances can be in Fedora even if one contributor steps up to do the work and he or she is the only user of the software.I am pretty sure, there are atleast some software packages in the repository where this is indeed the case. Popularity isn't a criteria for inclusion of any software in the Fedora repository.

If people step up to maintain parallel installable KDE 3 packages, there is nothing to stop them from doing so.

2. The release notes: "This is to support gdm no longer
allowing the root user to log in to the graphical desktop."

While this is consistent with best practices and can be
changed by editing the file in pam.d, it just seems to me
that Fedora should not be making this decision for users.

Defaults and configuration details *are* part of distribution choices.


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