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Re: F10 wireless question

On Tue, 2008-12-02 at 20:34 -0500, fred smith wrote:
> 1. the very first time I got a wireless connection I stumbled over
> an app that shows a bar graph of signal strengths for all the wireless
> APs in reception range. I can't figure out where or how I found it,
> and I've looked at every network-related item I can find on the menus.
> Where is it hiding?

You're probably referring to the NetworkManager applet. If you click on
it in your system tray (near the upper right corner of the screen by
default), it will show you a list of all available APs in the area as
well as other network options (such as VPNS, if any are configured).

At first if you're not connected, the icon will look somewhat like two
computers with a red "X" between them. Once you are connected, it will
be a small bar graph showing your current connection's signal strength.

> 2. This may be the same issue: I can't figure out how to select, on
> the fly, which wireless AP I want to connect to. The only way I've found
> to switch from one to another (when both are in range) is to edit the
> connection settings to disable the one that's currently up and enable
> the one I want to switch to, then log off and back on. There must be
> a better way.

Once you find the applet, you merely need to click it to show available
APs, then simply select (again, by clicking) the AP you wish to connect
with, and it will automagically disconnect from your current AP and
reconnect to the AP you chose.

Hope that helps.
Peter Gordon (codergeek42) <peter thecodergeek com>

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