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Re: Growing file system for a VMWare installation of F10

Alex wrote:
I've installed F10 as a guest system in VMWare. After a few days, I
the virtual drive is already approaching its limits, so I plan to enlarge
it. After reading a bit, the following steps should do it:

The current disk layout is quite simple. Only 2 partitions, /dev/sda1
mounted on / and /dev/sda2 for swapspace.

* Backup everything (easy, just backup the VMWare virtual disk drive)

* use vmware-vdiskmanager to grow the virtual drive

* use the install medium to boot into rescue mode, but do NOT let the
  console mount the partition(s)

* perform a full (-f) file system check

* use fdisk to a) delete the swap partition (which directly follows the
  primary root partition)

* again fdisk to delete the primary partition immediately followed by
  recreating it with the new size (leave the desired amount of free space
  for the new swap partition).

* use resize2fs on the new partition to grow the file system.

* create a new swap partition using the remaining free space. Modify
  /etc/fstab with the new UUID of the newly created swapspace.

That should basically do it, right? Any things which could go wrong except
for the odd typo when recreating the partition?

Ok, but as I can see, you'll end up with a new, larger /dev/sda1 and an empty filesystem mounted on / (aside from a new swap). How do you want to recover your data from your old virtual drive? What I did in your situation: After growing my virtual drive with vmware-vdiskmanager I booted into the virtual machine with a GParted bootable disk. With GParted I could resize the file system on / without data loss.

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