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Re: F10 NFS Install Query

Gordon Messmer wrote:
Simon Andrews wrote:
John Austin wrote:
I think it probably only needs the documentation updating
to say put the install.img file in an images subdirectory for an NFS

I disagree. You shouldn't need to do this - and it make it a right pain if (as I have) you have an i386 and and x86_64 iso in the same nfs directory. Anaconda can handle this situation and I suspect that not being able to do this through the askmethod route will turn out to be a simple bug.

Chris Lumens of Red Hat indicated in bug 466992 that anacanda can *not* handle this situation any more. The change was intentional. If you have your ISOs in the same location, you can specify the location of stage2.img using the stage2= parameter. It's probably easier to just keep different architectures' isos in separate directories (along with images/install.img) though.

Except that this is patently untrue as I have upgraded several servers to F10 doing exactly this, using the F10 netinstall ISO and an NFS server serving just the DVD isos. The bug I opened about this has been closed as NOTABUG.

Can anyone enlighten me as to how this behaviour is better than what we had before? Is there a benefit to jumping through these extra hoops that I'm missing? I'm honestly willing to be persuaded, but I can't see any advantage to these extra steps which are being insisted on.


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