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DNS broken after Fedora 10 upgrade

I have a primary and slave DNS server running on my internal LAN for the past
3-4 iterations of Fedora. However after the FC10 upgrade I cannot start the
named service....

This is what I see in /var/log/messages

03-Dec-2008 10:07:46.246 starting BIND 9.5.1b2-RedHat-9.5.1-0.8.b2.fc10 -g
03-Dec-2008 10:07:46.246 found 2 CPUs, using 2 worker threads
03-Dec-2008 10:07:46.247 using up to 4096 sockets
03-Dec-2008 10:07:46.252 loading configuration from '/etc/named.conf'
03-Dec-2008 10:07:46.253 max open files (1024) is smaller than max sockets
03-Dec-2008 10:07:46.254 using default UDP/IPv4 port range: [1024, 65535]
03-Dec-2008 10:07:46.254 using default UDP/IPv6 port range: [1024, 65535]
03-Dec-2008 10:07:46.257 listening on IPv4 interface lo,
03-Dec-2008 10:07:46.258 listening on IPv4 interface eth0,
03-Dec-2008 10:07:46.262 default max-cache-size (33554432) applies
03-Dec-2008 10:07:46.262 /etc/named.conf:28: using specific query-source
port suppresses port randomization and can be insecure.
03-Dec-2008 10:07:46.263 could not get query source dispatcher (
03-Dec-2008 10:07:46.263 loading configuration: address in use
03-Dec-2008 10:07:46.263 exiting (due to fatal error)

This is the results of  named-checkconf -z

zone maizenblue.com/IN: maizenblue.com/MX 'mail.maizenblue.com' is a CNAME
zone maizenblue.com/IN: loaded serial 2007041818
zone 10.10.10.in-addr.arpa/IN: loading from master file 10.10.10.zone
failed: file not found
_default/10.10.10.in-addr.arpa/IN: file not found

looks like it can't find the reverse zone file, however it is definitely
there....Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thanks
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