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Re: Growing file system for a VMWare installation of F10

Klaus-Peter Schrage<kpschrage gmx de> wrote on 03.12.2008 08:54:

>> That should basically do it, right? Any things which could go wrong
>> except for the odd typo when recreating the partition?
> Ok, but as I can see, you'll end up with a new, larger /dev/sda1 and an
> empty filesystem mounted on / (aside from a new swap). How do you want to
> recover your data from your old virtual drive?

Actually, deleting a partition does not wipe it from disk. Fdisk will just
delete the entry from the partition table (well, it *should* not do
anything else to the partition, right). The /dev/sda1 is the first
partition on the virtual drive, so I can just recreate it with the same
starting and different end cylinder. Of course, no other changes must
happen to the drive while doing so.

> What I did in your situation: After growing my virtual drive with 
> vmware-vdiskmanager I booted into the virtual machine with a GParted 
> bootable disk. With GParted I could resize the file system on / without 
> data loss.

Ok, thanks for the tip. That looks a lot easier than my own method.


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