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Re: nx server

Les Mikesell wrote:
Jim wrote:
Dave Feustel wrote:
Why is the nx server installed by default on f9?


I didn't see that.
There are two different NX apps, freenx and NX nomachine.com, which one did you see ? I never could get freenx to work, NX nomachine works right out of the box on every Fedora core.

Freenx (at least the older versions) generates a unique key pair at install time and you need to install the client key from /etc/nxserver into each client that will access the server or you won't be able to connect. NX uses the same key for all installations to match what is pre-configured in the client.

I can see where a new key would be a good ideal security wise.
Does Freenx allow you unlimited user connection on a server ?
By limiting you to 2 on NX, forces you to pay for the cost of the full version.
And besides I'm a old tight wad.

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