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Re: Cups with local and remote printers

On Wed, 2008-12-03 at 17:55 +0100, David Jansen wrote:
> However, a couple of machines have a local printer as well. That used to
> work in Fedora 8: set up the local printer (probably autodetected on
> install anyway), make sure it is shared, and then make the machine a
> cups client so everything goes to the printserver. A solution I found in
> some howto on the net, but I can't remember where.

So in other words you are printing jobs to a central CUPS server, which
is finding your own locally-connected (and shared) printer via CUPS
browsing, and forwarding your job back to you.

> However, in fedora 10, this no longer works. A computer seems to be a
> client of the central printserver, or it is not a client, and it can see
> its own printer, and any browsed cups printers on the local net.

This has always been the case AFAIK.

> Does anyone know how to do this? The thing is ofcourse, that cups has
> not had a major upgrade between fedora 8 and fedora 10, and I see
> nothing in the changelogs that indicates a change of behaviour.

The first thing to check is your local firewall settings.  If you are
relying on your client machine acting as a print server then the change
to more strict default firewall settings in Fedora 9 broke that.

The next thing I'd say is: why not use BrowsePoll on the clients,
instead of making them all go straight to the central CUPS server?  That
way, you can use your local CUPS server to see both locally-connected
printers and shared network printers, even in situations where CUPS
browsing won't work.

If you're really stuck, you might find that the printing troubleshooter
finds something you didn't think of: System->Administration->Printing
from the main menu, then Help->Troubleshoot.


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