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Re: F10 wireless question

On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 06:52:00AM -0500, fred smith wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 02, 2008 at 09:43:45PM -0800, Peter Gordon wrote:
> > On Tue, 2008-12-02 at 20:34 -0500, fred smith wrote:
> > > 1. the very first time I got a wireless connection I stumbled over
> > > an app that shows a bar graph of signal strengths for all the wireless
> > > APs in reception range. I can't figure out where or how I found it,
> > > and I've looked at every network-related item I can find on the menus.
> > > Where is it hiding?
> > 
> > You're probably referring to the NetworkManager applet. If you click on
> > it in your system tray (near the upper right corner of the screen by
> > default), it will show you a list of all available APs in the area as
> > well as other network options (such as VPNS, if any are configured).
> > 
> > At first if you're not connected, the icon will look somewhat like two
> > computers with a red "X" between them. Once you are connected, it will
> > be a small bar graph showing your current connection's signal strength.
> > 
> > > 2. This may be the same issue: I can't figure out how to select, on
> > > the fly, which wireless AP I want to connect to. The only way I've found
> > > to switch from one to another (when both are in range) is to edit the
> > > connection settings to disable the one that's currently up and enable
> > > the one I want to switch to, then log off and back on. There must be
> > > a better way.
> > 
> > Once you find the applet, you merely need to click it to show available
> > APs, then simply select (again, by clicking) the AP you wish to connect
> > with, and it will automagically disconnect from your current AP and
> > reconnect to the AP you chose.
> > 
> > Hope that helps.
> Peter, yes it does help. Thanks a lot! I'd tried everything BUT left-click
> on that icon. Duh!
> Thanks again!

OK, next dumb question: Now the NM applet says the wired network is "unmanaged".
It WAS, a couple days ago, working via NM, as I could plug in the cable and
the little icon in the top panel went round and round then it connected.
Today it's not doing anything even if I forcefully disconnect wireless first.
I suppose I must have changed something, but again I can't see what that
would have been.

once again, advice will be appreciated, thanks!

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