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Re: FC11: Two Suggestions

On Wed, 3 Dec 2008 11:14:46 -0600
"Arthur Pemberton" <pemboa gmail com> wrote:

> >
> > OK, but I think we agree that there are lots of
> > features missing from KDE4 that 3.5 had. The global
> > menu bar comes to mind. Kasbar. Those are the ones I
> > immedately remember, but the Controlpanel has been
> > severely cut down (if only for the time being).
> >
> > This is what drove me away from it (again, for the time
> > being). /W
> Yes, I was a bit worried when I heard that KControlCenter
> was going away. but the replacement is much better
> aesthetically and functionally at least.
When I used the phrase (in quotes) "experienced user" it
was euphemistic for older user. I am sure that KDE4 is
great for some people. I prefer the arrangement and scheme
of the 3.5x panel.

KDE describes the choice as follows:

	"KDE 4.1 (recommended for early-adopting users)"

	"KDE 3.5 is the more mature version of KDE. For more
	conservative users, this is the recommended version
	of KDE."

I guess that I am in the latter group. Similar
conversations are going on in just about every distro
community; More so, when there is an underlying corporate
sponsor. The general consensus SEEMS to be that
distributions are compelling the switch earlier than might
be desirable. At some point 3.5 will be deprecated, We're
not there yet. Of course, that's JMO. 

The greater issue might be how the Fedora team is arriving
at these decisions and whether or not there is an effort to
create consensus. 

"Neither Lifestyle nor Agenda"

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