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Re: Workstations shutting down for no apparent reason (F8)

Alain Cochard wrote:

 > > I am running 40 workstations with 3 kinds of hardware, all under
 > > fedora 8.  From time to time -- about once every 3 days -- one of
 > > the machine (not always the same) shuts itself down.  Otherwise
 > > they are running 24 hours a day every day.

Linuxguy123 writes:

 > I am not an expert, but I think you can add the "acpi=off" option
 > to the kernel entry in grub.  That would stop it from shutting down
 > the workstation, but it would also disable other stuff...

Roger Heflin writes:

 > If you have instant off set in the bios, there are a number of
 > motherboards on which the power switch will pick up enough noise
 > (from the wires going to the power switch) to think it was send a
 > proper off signal even though no one is pushing the button...
 > The easiest solution is to not set instant off.

Thank you very much Linuxguy and Roger.  About half of the machines --
the most recent ones -- have "instant off" in the bios.  I will change
the option and see if the problem remains.

No equivalent option in older hardware?

Has anyone some insight about the consequences of disabling acpi?


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