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Re: F10: KDE and second display not working

2008/12/3 Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at>:
> Tarjei Knapstad wrote:
>> This works perfectly fine in gnome. If I log in with KDE I get a
>> desktop, toolbars etc. on Screen 0, but only the desktop background on
>> Screen 1 (no icons, no toolbar, no menu when right-clicking). I had
>> the same problem in F9, where I just gave up and started using Gnome.
> It's just how things are in KDE 4.1, it's expected to be better in KDE 4.2
> (work on that is still outgoing, it's considered a bugfix, though fixing it
> requires a library which is new in 4.2 (Kephal), so it won't be backported
> to 4.1).
> As far as I know, you *can* drag windows to the second screen, so it's not
> like it's entirely useless. You may even be able to manually add a panel to
> the second screen. (At least one person reported success with that.)

I see, think I'll just wait around for 4.2 to appear then (I'm
assuming an update will be pushed for F10 come January?)

I'm running separate X-screens, so I can't even drag windows from my
laptop to my second monitor :)


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