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Default BIND setup question

I just installed F10 on what will be my new slave DNS server for our office and I'm a little peeved at the default setup. The base install sets BIND up as a local caching-nameserver. Which I suppose is fine, except there's no base named.conf provided for setting up BIND as a real DNS server, not a local caching only one. That's slightly irritating. I've had trouble getting borrowed named.conf files working because the setups are all different (even between F6 and F10 there's a difference in file locations).

So, what should take no time, is taking forever. Is there some base config file handy for setting up a real DNS server on an F10 system? Or am I just having to hack the crap out of it? I suppose I can do system-config-bind, but that seems silly when a simple text file should be added to make life easier for those who need real DNS servers.

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