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Re: Default BIND setup question

Mark Haney wrote:
I just installed F10 on what will be my new slave DNS server for our office and I'm a little peeved at the default setup. The base install sets BIND up as a local caching-nameserver. Which I suppose is fine, except there's no base named.conf provided for setting up BIND as a real DNS server, not a local caching only one. That's slightly irritating. I've had trouble getting borrowed named.conf files working because the setups are all different (even between F6 and F10 there's a difference in file locations).

So, what should take no time, is taking forever. Is there some base config file handy for setting up a real DNS server on an F10 system? Or am I just having to hack the crap out of it? I suppose I can do system-config-bind, but that seems silly when a simple text file should be added to make life easier for those who need real DNS servers.

I have been running BIND as both a master and slave on my network since Fedora core 1, I haven't had a problem migrating and moving configurations for the most part. The 'best' way that I have found personally, is have a base named.conf file for your desired set up, and use that, then port it based on the changes required. You can see what needs changed based on the errors in the log file (either syslog or specifically pointed to log files). Also mind that BIND is run in a CHROOT jail, so you have both an /etc/named.conf and a /var/named/chroot/etc/named.conf to look over.

There isn't a base file for a 'real' DNS server that I have found on any of the fedora flavors, so 'hacking the crap out of it' would be the easiest way to get it running, and you can get it standardized after it is running. Then best bet is to save the file off the server as a hot spare, or example of the full working config.

Changing the base config on Fedora isn't that bad though, unless you are very tired and miss a ';' in a strange location.


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