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Re: Help with DNS hell

Tom Horsley wrote:
> The absolute simplest way to get things running again is to install
> "bind" from the installation media (if it isn't already there),
> don't configure it at all, but just go ahead and start the "named"
> service it will install. This will get you a local DNS server that
> talks directly to the root DNS servers, bypassing your ISP's DNS
> servers completely. Then point your /etc/resolv.conf file to
> "nameserver" and you should be working well enough to get
> to sites where you can learn how to config bind as a caching server
> instead, like these:

The default bind install should behave as a caching only server.  Does
it not do so?  (I haven't tested it, I have a proper nameserver
already setup on my local network.)

Another option is the dnsmasq package.  It should be simpler and
smaller (resource wise) than bind.

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