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Re: F10 - I REALLY want to log in as root -- was Re: root login

Fred Silsbee wrote:

--- On Thu, 12/4/08, Robert Moskowitz <rgm htt-consult com> wrote:

From: Robert Moskowitz <rgm htt-consult com>
Subject: F10 - I REALLY want to log in as root -- was Re: root login
To: "Community assistance, encouragement, and advice for using Fedora." <fedora-list redhat com>
Date: Thursday, December 4, 2008, 5:33 PM
Nifty Fedora Mitch wrote:
On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 02:34:51PM +0000, John Horne
On Wed, 2008-11-26 at 07:23 -0800, bruce wrote:
appparently f10, has modified the default
behavior to restrict you
from logging in as the "root" user.
Check the archives.  I seem to recall a pam change
that does
limit the login devices for 'root'.  It can be
undone but
the goal was to limit external and unwanted local root
I can't find this pearl of wisdom, and right now, as I
plow through getting things working, I really benifit from
logging in as root. Yes I can set inittab to init 3, then
run startx, but I am not sure this is the same thing (and
when I exit startx I see an error about running this as

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Has Fedora become puppy Linux?

When you are attempting to debug why drivers and such are not working, being root saves time which is saving money. Once things work, then I go back to 'normal'.

Yes, I often open a terminal window and su, and then 'nautilus &', but that has given me wierd behaviour. And then I want to sftp some root files over, gFTP is nice. Most things can be done without being root, and take a few hours more. I am not an expert at this stuff. My job is to work on security protocols, not OSs.

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