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Re: Rpmfusion not showing in yum.repos

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Wed, Dec 3, 2008 at 2:27 PM, Jim <mickeyboa sbcglobal net> wrote:

You have old rpmfusion release files AND you the livna entries in your repolist.
This is probably a problem.

Just to be sure rpm -ql rpmfusion-free-release  and see if the list
files match up to what you have.

Easiest thing to do... remove those rpmfusion release rpms.. and any
livna rpms or repository definitions you have...go to the rpmfusion
mainpage and install the latest release rpms.


Yep you were right, I did a rpm -ql  and it showed the rpmfusion repos.
I deleted the livna files from the yum.repos.d and installed the rpmfusion two rpm's and then installed livna.org
for the one remaning package on livna.

But if I do a "yum update" I get the following error message.
FC 10 has problems with DNS, because of IPV6 and I think that's what is causing the error. because I have the same problem on a separate box dealing with these rpmfusion installs and updates.
mickey]# yum update
Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekit
rpmfusion-free                                                                                                                       | 2.7 kB     00:00
rpmfusion-free/primary_db                                                                                                            | 212 kB     00:00
Could not retrieve mirrorlist http://mirrors.rpmfusion.org/mirrorlist?repo=nonfree-fedora-10&arch=i386 error was
[Errno 4] IOError: <urlopen error (-2, 'Name or service not known')>
Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: rpmfusion-nonfree. Please verify its path and try again


adobe-linux-i386.repo  fedora-updates-testing.repo  rpmfusion-free-rawhide.repo          rpmfusion-nonfree-rawhide.repo
fedora-rawhide.repo    livna-devel.repo             rpmfusion-free.repo                  rpmfusion-nonfree.repo
fedora.repo            livna.repo                   rpmfusion-free-updates.repo          rpmfusion-nonfree-updates.repo
fedora-updates.repo    livna-testing.repo           rpmfusion-free-updates-testing.repo  rpmfusion-nonfree-updates-testing.repo

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