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Fedora Classroom: KDE4 for KDE3 users

I'll be helping to lead an irc classroom session titled "KDE4 for KDE3
users" this coming Saturday, Dec 6 at 14:45 UTC.  Be there or be square.

That's just a tentative title for the session, we'll likely be open to
discuss all things KDE4. Topics off the top of my head right now will

* KDE4 for KDE3 users: Help answer anything of the form:  "In KDE3, I used
to do XXX, how does KDE4 do XXX?"
* An overview of KDE pillars: phonon, plasma, oxygen, solid, etc...
* The future of KDE4.  The future's so bright, gotta wear shades
* Are the cubs finally gonna make the world series?
* I want ponies, where are the ponies?

See also:

-- Rex

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