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Re: [F9->F10 Upgrade] Stubborn libcaca/xine-lib problem

Rex Dieter wrote:
> Don Levey wrote:
>> 4) Deinstall all 42 of those packages, upgrade libcaca, and then
>> reinstall the packages available.
> The easiest approach is pretty much this.  Remove the trouble-makers,
> upgrade, and then re-install stuff afterward.
> -- Rex

Ow.  That list includes some pretty central stuff (KDE and all).  When I
look here:
The suggestion is that there will be an F10 version of xine-lib

Does anyone know if this will be added to the official repositories?  If
not, I might just remove and reinstall the troublemakers, though I
wonder why the FC10 packages depend upon a package that isn't part of
the distro...


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