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Current state of multi-core awareness

Building up F10 on my new quad-core uber-laptop is becoming a painful
exercise in single-threadedness, at least as far as Package Manager is
concerned. PM may be graphical and intuitive, but it's obviously not
designed to use more than one core. When it's checking dependencies or
installing packages, one core is solidly pegged at 100% while the other
three cores are idling.

Of the thousands of 64-bit F10 applications/tools/utilities, I wonder how
many are aware of and can scale across multiple cores. Has anyone done a
recent survey to see which packages are [not] multi-core aware?

A similar question was recently raised about the state of IPv6 support in
Windows and Linux. It turns out their kernels are IPv6 compatible, but
most applications (notably all MS Office apps) are decidedly not.

--Doc Savage
  Fairview Heights, IL

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