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Re: Current state of multi-core awareness

On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 3:11 PM,  <dsavage peaknet net> wrote:
> Building up F10 on my new quad-core uber-laptop is becoming a painful
> exercise in single-threadedness, at least as far as Package Manager is
> concerned. PM may be graphical and intuitive, but it's obviously not
> designed to use more than one core. When it's checking dependencies or
> installing packages, one core is solidly pegged at 100% while the other
> three cores are idling.
> Of the thousands of 64-bit F10 applications/tools/utilities, I wonder how
> many are aware of and can scale across multiple cores. Has anyone done a
> recent survey to see which packages are [not] multi-core aware?
> A similar question was recently raised about the state of IPv6 support in
> Windows and Linux. It turns out their kernels are IPv6 compatible, but
> most applications (notably all MS Office apps) are decidedly not.
> --Doc Savage
>  Fairview Heights, IL
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It's times like this I miss BeOS...

Anyway, just a me too here. I've noticed several applications only
using one core on my Athlon X2 5200+...


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