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Re: Using OO for print on DVD's

Richard Shaw wrote:
> Has anyone successfully used OO to do print on DVD/CD's? I tried last
> night with my shiny new HP Photosmart C5580.
> I just guessed the settings using OO Draw and setting the paper size
> to custom with a 4.6"x4.6" box. It actually didn't do to bad
> vertically, but was off horizontally about 0.3" to the left. Anyone
> have a best practice for tweaking it in to create my own template or
> know where to find one?
> If I had to I might try installing the HP software under WINE but
> would rather not.
Why not use something like http://glabels.sourceforge.net/  ?

It may even be include on Fedora....no energy to check at the moment.

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