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Re: Preupgrade F9->F10 Now No Network Connectivity

On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 8:44 AM, Claude Jones
<cjoneslists tehogeeservices com> wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 December 2008 14:05:12 Curt Stauffer wrote:
>> Network card is working just fine - booted from a Ubuntu Live CD I had
>> laying around and no problems.
>> I then tried a F10 Live CD - had network for a few moments and
>> suddenly the network widget thing up in the upper left hand corner of
>> the desktop said "connection has been lost".
>> Stranger and stranger...
> given these results, and what you said before about mangled packets, I would
> start suspecting a bug - perhaps with the driver implementation for your
> particular NIC (you could check this by substituting a different NIC in your
> box) - it doesn't seem to me as though the simple answer you sought earlier
> exists - you seem to have checked the obvious; now you have some serious
> detective work to do

Good suggestion - I had a USB Ethernet adapter which I plugged in,
configured via s-c-network for DHCP and the new adapter is working
just fine.  I'm thinking that implies that there is something wrong
with the "tulip" driver that comes with F10, since this bad behavior
also happens if I boot with the F10 Live CD but not with Ubuntu Live.

Any suggestions for next steps?  Google "tulip+fedora"?

Thanks again,

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