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RE: Fedora 10 freezes after a while

hey globe..

what's the driver that you're using in the xorg.conf?

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For the fourth day running, my Fedora 10 upgraded (from F9) installation on
my trusty Dell Dimension 650 with  ATI Technologies Radeon R300 NG (FireGL
X1) graphics card has frozen. Frustratingly, this happens after I come home
from work (where this machine is). I thought this may be due to the kernel
modesetting so I set nomodeset at the end of the line when I booted. (Even
though I wondered about the problem given that I do not have the compiz
installed. I have looked at /var/log/messages, /var/log/secure, no luck.
Strangely enough by some quirk, I have been away for long periods during the
day, but not had a problem so it is hard to track down. Can anyone please
help? How do I track this down?

Talking of which, is it possible to downgrade to Fedora 9, using yum, etc? I
did not have this problem last week at least: I upgraded on Monday.

Many thanks and best wishes,

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