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FC10 stops at Grub> prompt after install


We've just upgraded our development server at work where we host our IBM UniVerse database from FC7 to FC10.  An attempted upgrade went totally badly. (I've yet to see Fedora upgrade work, but it was worth a try.  PS: I've been using RedHat-something since RH4.)  I went with a clean install and upon reboot, the system came up to a Grub> prompt and stopped there.  

I could boot with the DVD as a rescue and see everything where I expected it to be.  fdisk indicated that /boot was active and bootable.  Everything "seemed" right. I looked at the grub config and it pointed to the correct place.  Still, grub could never find an image to load.  It just stood there being spectacularly unhelpful.

I reinstalled and let the installer take the defaults to lay out disk on its own it case FC10 had strange ideas.  The same symptom occurred on reboot.

I tried manually laying out the drives again, just in case.  Same symptom.  The system stops at a Grub> prompt after reboot.

The machine in question has an ABit IP35 Pro motherboard with two IDE drives (oddly, controlled by the SATA controller.  Linux perceives these as /dev/mapper/somebizarrogobbledygook and /dev/sdb, the same as it did under FC7.  Not /dev/sda and /dev/sdb, mind you; two totally different naming conventions.  It worked under FC7, though.

I'm willing to believe there may be something unusual about the ABit motherboard or the fact that it uses a SATA controller and prestidigitation to control IDE drives.  Still, it got through the entire install without a hitch or a quibble and it did work fine under FC7 yesterday.  It just won't boot FC today.

World Information Systems
Greensboro, NC

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