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Fedora 10 Issues # 1 TSC unstable

How did I make a fresh installation with Fedora 10 without the above issue TSC unstable in the 1st beginning the boot loader.

If I change kernel options to nolapic noapic acpi=force the system proceeds with the boot but have another bug, with the following  description:

The problem resumes to a kernel issue with the hardware. To fix the problem and proceed
with the installation I must proceed to edit de kernel boot configuration and I had the
following command instruction: noapic nolapic.

I´ve got the solution for all most the issues with the compatibility with the kernel and
the hardware, but I have one problem with the network card.
The problem is the following:

The card resolve IP´s with DHCP configuration, but did not send network packages with
another pc, with de ping command and did not have navigation with the firefox.

The network card is an SIS 191.

I don´t know the solution for this problem, if i must proceed do find upgrade drive, or
upgrade a module drive, or anything else.

Thanking for your answer and support,

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