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Re: Uninstall

On Sun, 6 Jul 2008, Anne Wilson wrote:

On Sunday 06 July 2008 10:57, Mike Dwiggins wrote:
Is there a way to just flat uninstall FC 8.  I need to make a
workstation match a customer configuration.

They use Ubuntu, which has the worst Installation program I have ever
seen.  Thus I need to uninstall FC 8 to create open space.  Partion
Magic from the XP partition craps the basket and claims it cannot even
find the drive letter.

I really would hate to buy a new machine just to match the customer

I believe that the latest incarnation of PM can see linux partitions, but I
wouldn't choose to use it.  I'd boot from a live CD and run gparted or
qparted to handle the partitions.

Back in the days of RH6.0 I used PM to create open space and ext2 partitions on my W95 box to install RH on. I would be surprised if
it's lost the capability to recognize linux partitions since then.

Bob Holtzman
 "The best argument against democracy is a five
minute conversation with the average voter."
                              Winston Churchill

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