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RE: root in FC 10

hey robert.

do a search, look for pam/gdm/root/user... there's a config file that can be
modified to allow for initial root login initially at the start..

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Dave Cross wrote:
> 2008/12/5 Mike Dwiggins <mike azdwiggins com>:
>> I upgraded a throw away test system from FC 8 to FC 10.  When it
finished, I
>> tried logging in as root user and could not.
>> Logging in as a normal user I went to a text session and the su command
>> worked with the old root password.
>> Did I do something wrong or is this something new to 10?
> Disabling root login is a common security practice. Sounds like it's
> been disabled by default in F10. That's got to be a good thing.
> As someone else has said, you can enable it again by fiddling with the
> pam files, but please consider whether you really want to do that. Why
> not log as a normal user and then use su (or, better, sudo) on the
> rare occasions when you need root access?

On my 'work' notebook and most of my servers, I log in as me and 'su'
when I need to do something 'rooty'.

But on this system where I am trying to get F10 working? Yah, believe it
that I want to be root; it gets too frustrating too fast otherwise.

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