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Re: root in FC 10

bruce wrote:
hey robert.

Bruce, avoid top posting...

do a search, look for pam/gdm/root/user... there's a config file that can be
modified to allow for initial root login initially at the start..

Already done that. Just chirping in again about why someone relatively sane would want to log in as root...

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Dave Cross wrote:
2008/12/5 Mike Dwiggins <mike azdwiggins com>:

I upgraded a throw away test system from FC 8 to FC 10.  When it
finished, I
tried logging in as root user and could not.

Logging in as a normal user I went to a text session and the su command
worked with the old root password.

Did I do something wrong or is this something new to 10?

Disabling root login is a common security practice. Sounds like it's
been disabled by default in F10. That's got to be a good thing.

As someone else has said, you can enable it again by fiddling with the
pam files, but please consider whether you really want to do that. Why
not log as a normal user and then use su (or, better, sudo) on the
rare occasions when you need root access?

On my 'work' notebook and most of my servers, I log in as me and 'su'
when I need to do something 'rooty'.

But on this system where I am trying to get F10 working? Yah, believe it
that I want to be root; it gets too frustrating too fast otherwise.

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