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Re: Current state of multi-core awareness

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 1:37 PM, Seann Clark <nombrandue tsukinokage net> wrote:
And on an honest note, I don't really see how package management would
require more CPU power, when as a database type program, it would require
faster disks to perform better, not more power from the CPU.

Couldn't  dependency resolution for multiple packages be done
psuedo-parallel when doing updates or installs?


I am sure it could be done that way, but you still would come across the bottleneck of the drive, in this case, so a lot of that performance would be idle waiting on the disks, unless you had your disks laid out by partition, something like / on sda1 /boot on sda2 /usr/local on sdb1 /usr/share on sdc1, /var on sdd1, etc. then you would have slightly less I/o wait unless your controller didn't like writing to multiple buses at once (some crappy SATA hardware has this problem, like the Lanparty 3200 board from DFI) or old IDE.


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