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Thanks for the good info, Chris. The articles were a good place to start.

I followed each step in hopes that I might be able to rescue the install (plus every situation is a good vehicle toward education).  No soap, but all wasn't lost -- I always start with a good backup.

The problem lay in the fact that this particular motherboard wants to report HD0 as /dev/mapper/somethingorother yet reports the slave drive as /dev/sdb.  I believe that's an effect of the controller emulating a "normal" IDE.  When Fedora installs, if you take the defaults (and don't read carefully -- my bad!) it wants to put the boot record in the MBR of /dev/sdb instead of the weirdly named /dev/sda.  If you stop and read carefully (what a concept, I know) at the point where grub is being installed and configured, you can  force the boot record to the MBR of the 0th drive where it ought to be and where both BIOS and Linux hope it will wind up.

Problem solved.  It took another re-install, but it was worth it in terms of getting the job done and in terms of learning a bit more about the flexibility of grub.  That's something I hadn't taken the time do to before now.

Again, thanks much for your assist and the links to the articles.  "Teh Google" wasn't a lot of help yesterday, but in a few hours and a single desperate post, you got me (hence my boss) very happy.

World Information Systems
Greensboro, NC

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