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Re: USB printer Epson TX101 + generic USB driver on F10?

On Tue, Dec 2, 2008 at 1:04 AM, Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com> wrote:
> Steve Repo wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I purchased a multifunction Epson TX101 Inkjet printer. I didn't do my
>> research for linux support and this is a fairly new printer.
>> I' plugged it into my F10 box.  The printer is recognized but the
>> driver isn't there (selectred drive is for Epson scan 2500 or
>> something like that,). I'm unable to print.
>> xsane refuses to recognise the scanner as well.
>> So, is there a generic USB printer/scanner driver I could use or is
>> there something else I can do to get this working?
> There was a package I pulled from the Epson site, or a link thereon, and as
> I recall it had kernel modules or cups modules, or similar not very portable
> stuff. However, it dropped in and worked on an FC6 machine, and nothing
> newer. You might poke around and see if there is something newer, and also
> try iscan, I never got sane working, or missed it, iscan does what I need.
> If all else fails, and you have the hardware, you might do a minimal FC6
> install with the package in a KVM machine, and connect the USB to that.
> Slightly complex, but as a device controller it really beats using Windows!
> ;-)

Thanks for the response!  I did look harder since you mentioned that
Epson does support printers on Linux separately.

I found their site here,

Although the sites lists upto "Fedora Core 6" as supported during the
distribution selection, you get a Fedora 9 RPM!  I was pleasantly

The drivers installed and works.

I wish all these printer companies worked with open source CUPS and
submitted their drivers for inclusion instead of developing and
carving separate drivers with installers. I have a samsung laser
printer scx4300 and even they have a linux driver with an installer.


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