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Help installing software (was: help)

Md. Nazmul Hamid Reza wrote:
> i am running fedora 9 shulphur. i could not install any software in
> it.
> when i try to install then it shows 'You don't have the necessary
> privileges to install local packages'.
> what can i do?

Installing software requires root privileges.  If you are using yum to
install, you'd need to use su or sudo to run the command.  For

su -c 'yum install git'

It might help others to help you if you provided a little more detail
of what you are trying to do, how you are trying to do it, and how it

Also, using a more descriptive subject for your message would help.
With a subject like "help" your message will get caught in the list's
moderation queue because the list software thinks it could be a help
command -- that you wanted to be processed by the list software rather
than sent to the members of the list.

In addition, if you could configure your email client to send plain
text only to the list, we'd appreciate it.  See the list guidelines
for details:



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