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radeon/hd, video and Java

Hi there

I have an Ati FireGL V5200 (Thinkpad Z61p). This means that out of the
box I have two choices for Video-Drivers: radeon and radeonhd, fglrx
not being available for F10 yet (if ever).

First I used the radeon driver, which worked well, until I realized that
jEdit (a Java based text editor) becomes very sluggish, esp. with
selections and generally a lot happening on the screen. jEdit being my
editor of choice I resolved to fix this somehow. And I could fix it by
switching to the radeonhd driver.

This radeonhd driver however gives my slow video performance,
especially in fullscreen mode.

This is rather annoying. Does anybody have any insight on how to
resolve any of those two shortcommings? I don't care which driver to
use eventually, they both work well otherwise.

thanks for any thought,

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