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Re: Fedora 10 ctf-alt-F2

On Sat, 6 Dec 2008, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

On Sat, Dec 6, 2008 at 5:43 AM, Patrick Dupre <pd520 york ac uk> wrote:
On Thu, 4 Dec 2008, Marcelo Magno T. Sales wrote:

Em Qui 04 Dez 2008, Patrick Dupre escreveu:

On Thu, 4 Dec 2008, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 2:43 PM, Patrick Dupre <pd520 york ac uk>



Since I moved from Fedora 7 to Fedora 10, I lost the functionality
of the ctl-alt-Fx in a X session.
In text mode every works fine, but from a X session, it breaks
jsut the session.

thank for your help.

Hmm. switching to virtual consoles tty2 through tty6 works for me
using the keyboard shortcuts.

in F10  runlevel 5  the X session now starts on the first virtual
terminal which is mapped to ALT-CTRL-F1 but the second virtual
terminal at ALT-CTRL-F2 should still exist as a console login.
run this command: ps aux |grep mingetty
you should see mingetty running on tty2 through tty6   by default
if you started in runlevel 5.

this is correct, but I start in runlevel3
I log in tty1, then startx
Then if I make Ctl-Atl-F2, it scratches the X session.

What does this mean exactly? You can't change to TTY2 or you change to
TTY 2 and after that you're unable to get back to the X session?

Yes I can go to tty2, but at the same time it breaks the X session
(I cannot go back of course by doing Ctl-Alt-F7, ie, when I try do
do it, I am back in tty1, where I started x, in tty mode).
I am using gnome

Stupid question, but are you sure it's switching back to VT1? As has
already been said, F10 runs the X session on VT1, not VT7. Switching
to VT7 will give you a console session, which is apparently what
you're seeing. If so, it's working correctly.

Let say, I startx a X session from tty1 (startx), then, what never I do:
Ctl-Alt-Fx (x=1-10), it breaks the X session and I am back to tty1 with the following messages (is their a log file for the X session ?)


Fatal server error
Caught signal 11. Server aborting
finished PPL2
finished PPL1
Entering Restore TV
Restore TV PLL
Restore TVHV
Restore TV Restarts
Restore Timing Tables
Restore TV Standard
Laeving Restore TV
xinit: connection to Xserver lost
Waiting for Xserver to shut down

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