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Re: F9 to F10 upgrade problem

PS = Pete Stieber
PS>> After fixing the grub problem I rebooted to find the
PS>> machine is using a Fedora 10 kernel, but the majority
PS>> of the packages on the machine are for Fedora 9.
PS>> When I run you update there are dependency problems
PS>> due to the odd configuration.
PS>> Is there anything I can do to work around this?

S = stan
S> You could use the manual yum upgrade procedure described
S> here.
S> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Tools/yum/YumUpgradeFaq#Upgrading_Fedora_Using_Yum
S> It sounds like you are part way through the procedure
S> already.  It might be as simple as just running
S> yum upgrade to complete it.

Thanks for the link Stan. It turns out my machine still had the fedora-release package from the Fedora 9 new key setup installed. I removed this rpm and am yum groupupdate for various groups and it appears to be working.


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