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Re: Analog-to-Digital Audio:

Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> I've done this with a cassette deck. I had a friend make me a cable
> that joins both tape stereo output channels into a single soundcard
> input plug (this is a standard connector but I'm
> electronics-illiterate so don't ask me for details :-). I used
> Audacity for the capture. It's a highly manual process needless to say
> (start Audacity recording, hit tape button, wait for the whole thing
> to finish at normal speed, hit tape stop, stop recording) but I did
> capture several audiobooks to listen to on my iPod.
You can pick up the 2 RCA plug to mini-stereo plug or mini-stereo to
mini-stereo cables in the electronic department of most chain
stores. They are usually listed as being for iPods.

I have a nice dec that I have used - you can have it search for the
gap between songs. It helps if you want to record individual songs,
instead of separating them in Audacity. I have been tempted by
cassette player that Computer Geeks has that is controlled by a
serial port and mounts like a CD drive.


> Or you can buy a ready-made USB tape player, but I'm not sure how much
> pain it would mean to get it working under Linux. Turntables are also
> available. Ironically, a lot of these actually come with Audacity even
> though they're marketed for Windows.
For example:


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