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Re: F10: Unrequested automatic installation ::rant

On Fri, 05 Dec 2008 08:56:00 -0500,
Robert Locke <lists ralii com> wrote :

> This morning after booting and logging in, a little bubble opened in
> the lower right hand corner that said some updates were complete.  I
> had not requested any updates.  Previous updates had all been done by
> me typing "yum update" in a gnome-terminal.

OK.  Microsoft gave $500 millions to Novell for SuSE.  How much did
they gave to Red Hat, do I ask cynically ?

Or worse, is this the result of Windows programmers moving to work on
Linux bringing along their great ideas ?

If it goes on like that in 3 years from now, major Linux distros will
have too many similarities with Windows, and will share the Windows
problems of today.  All that's left is to remove that darn root account
or better (!), have users always with root privileges.

But since Linux is what it is, there'll be hope in 'rebel', rock-solid
alternative distros  that do not push by default unwanted system
behaviours to users and stick to proven basics.  And that doesn't
exclude compiz.

I'm suprised this packagekit-whatever default behaviour went into
production w/o anyone raising a red light.  Even if it's a bug.  truly

And how does it update the system exactly w/o root account ?  Or does
this GUI thing runs always as root with access to both the system and
the internet w/o users knowing it ?

My rant.


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