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Re: Boardcom bcm2046 bluetooth problem

On Sat, Dec 6, 2008 at 2:03 AM, Demeter Tibor <tdemeter net-working hu> wrote:
> Hi All !
> I have a Dell Studio 1535 notebook and a built-in Broadcom bcm2046
> bluetooth chipset. I installed to this machine a F10, but the bluetooth
> device is cannot work. I see whit lsusb, but the kernel is not detect
> for this a suitable driver.
> I read a solution,this device is supported the kernel, but i need
> reloading the hci_usb module with a "reset=1" parameter, but this driver
> is not a module  in the official f10 kernel. This driver is  linked
> statical to the main kernel image.
> Can i modify this parameter whitout rebuilding the kernel?

I'm not sure how that will be done for a driver that is built-in to the kernel.

However, this issue is known and fixed upstream i think.


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