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Re: (Off Topic ) Open Source: The Model Is Broken ??

> > "Open-source code is generally great code, not requiring much support."
> >
> > What universe does Stuart Cohen live in?
> >     
> So, what is your view?   Generally crappy code in need of constant
> support? 

Uh, oh. You didn't want to get me started on this... :-)

Well, seeing as how in this new F10 release alone we have the DNS
resolver library code broken for lots of people, the NetworkManager
being used to replace network even though it screams "not ready for
prime-time and not backward compatible" and GDM completely
rewritten, leaving out vast chunks of functionality, I wouldn't
exactly call it "not requiring much support".

But my biggest issue with the open source model is the utter lack of
any documentation for anything. And if, God Forbid, something
should, over time, become well documented through mechanisms like
google searches and wiki pages, and "dummies" books, that seems to
be some kind of catalyst for the developers, triggering a frantic
need to utterly rewrite something that was perfectly OK, just to
make sure it retains its traditional level of obfuscation :-).

Even worse, the lack of documentation forms a kind of positive
feedback loop, increasing the feeling that things need to be
rewritten, not because they really need it, but because it is
easier to rewrite than to understand how to modify the existing

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